Monday, February 21, 2011

Proton concept car

This concept car will challenged the Myvi and i don't have the name yet for it. So i think this will be a better than Myvi because we all know Myvi is good enough and i want Proton to have the car like this too..
easy to drive, easy to buy..hehe

220211, I want to upload the front view for this concept.

230211 back view for my concept car.I hope you like it.tqvm

if you like it.. please tick down.thanks.and comment too..for improvement.k
design sketch...


cantik concept design kete ni.. cume belakang nampak cam pelik sikit.. bro gune software ape tuk design kete ni? dgan catum2 gamba jek..gune photoshop jek..hihi..berbekalkan idea dan kreativiti n skill..hehe tq coz you like it.

haha peminat photoshop yea! nice work... saksikan

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seriusly mmg semat bro.. guna photoshop je??
waaa.... power la skill bro ni.. klo nk mnx sikit ilmu photoshop ni bole x? saya ada gak try2 wt gmba kete pkai sftware 3D ni. baru je blja, singgah2 la tgk kt sini:

cantik..depan and belakang pun ctk..siap dgn emblem proton tu cantik..good work..hope u be a next proton designer

siyes lawa...nmpk sporty...klo ade nie kompem ramai bdak remaja nak

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