Proton Exora GTi

My inspiration for Proton Exora. This is the first nice mpv from proton and its 100% designed by proton

Satria Neo Gti

my inspiration for Satria Neo.

proton inspira R3 concept

my inspiration and idea for the Proton Inspira R3 concept..

Proton Concept Car

This concept car will challenged the Myvi .

Perdana Replacement

I just want to share with all, my inspiration for Proton Perdana replacement.

Persona R3

my personal inspiration for the proton persona for more stylish

Monday, February 21, 2011

Proton concept car

This concept car will challenged the Myvi and i don't have the name yet for it. So i think this will be a better than Myvi because we all know Myvi is good enough and i want Proton to have the car like this too..
easy to drive, easy to buy..hehe

220211, I want to upload the front view for this concept.

230211 back view for my concept car.I hope you like it.tqvm

if you like it.. please tick down.thanks.and comment too..for improvement.k
design sketch...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Satria Neo Gti

Satria Neo can't believe it!!! only my inspiration for Satria Neo..but this version come out with 5 door and a little bit extreme modification..the bumper and head lights also change too..hehe..lets see it.


   front side. what do you think? interesting? coll? or ugly..ermm... 
ok daaa.....
plz comment...hahaha

okey today 25 feb 2011

the door open for my Satria Neo GTi..erm
wah de reflx kat pintu...hehe

ermm how i doit??...
ok lets show..
1) using one of the photo editing software--can't show because not have a sponsor.--
2) i choose picture from other blog...hehehe..borrow only eh...

3) and than,i chose the suitable  pictures to combine..hehehe

lotus elise..for front bumper..

Audi r8 for head lamp.

4) .for the side view i used mazda Rx8 for door and audi r8 for head lamp. 

and for the last the imagination, creativity and skills are very important...hehe...

ok if you like it..tick down..okey.


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