Sunday, January 30, 2011

persona R3

my personal inspiration for the proton persona for more stylish. this inspiration are combining  the VW scirocco and audi r8..hehe..this is the better result...tadaaa......

if you like it..please comment this picture..who knows, may be this will be the next generation for proton persona..hehe


That so stailish n fantastic.... Very creative ...

thanks afie. i'm very appreciated it.

for copy and paste...this is good work..less defect... keep it up... one thing i like you mostly use our national car as your base... well proud to Malaysia kan??? me too...

haha, thanks Ozan..proud to be Malaysian..tanah tumpah darahku, ape saje idea, mesti kait dgan Malaysia..this is only way that i can show my spirit on Malaysian automobile industry.. hehe

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Any veilside concepts ?

Appreciate if has :)

really like front design...cun...

yeap...i prefer the front face lift.....the rear not that nice...but u have put alot effort...keep working on. u might can come out with one perfect design.

Super cool! I love the front bumper. I wonder if there's any car accessories that I can order/ look for to modify my persona like this one?? cos im really interested with the design.

its really xtreamly nice..... simple... smart n look sporty.... does it really exist.... where can i buy it.... how much the cost is.... seriously interested with it......

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